At MBIZ Development Foundation

conservation promotion, human rights preservation and development research collaborations

What We Do



  • Wild life habitat protection
  • Soil erosion prevention initiatives
  • Reforestation
  • Intergrated cultural conservation through sustainable natural resource use
  • Promotion of tourism
  • Soil retention and fertility technologies
  • Protection of water bodies and reduction of silting
  • Innovative waste control and safe disposal

Human Rights

  • Right to education, health, good governance, food security, safe housing, safe workplaces, safe recreation places, environment with less pollution
  • Setting approach for right to health and well-being including promotion of excessive alcohol intake, smoking cessation, nutrition and safe feeding and routinized physical activities
  • Right to participate in disaster prevention, access to relief and post disaster assistance
  • Right to safe motherhood, protection from violence to women, children and
  • Right to, and freedom of ownership and disposal of own assets by women and girls including land
  • Right to exercise and advance own culture

Development Research

  • Developing study protocols and executing them in spirit of problem identification, prioritization and solution-generating with communities at the heart of the studies
  • Formation social innovation movement (SIM)
  • Partnerships in studies and publications for development innovations through enhanced collaboration with public, private, civil society and academic institutions.

Identifying available knowledge and technologies applicable to targeted community-based problem solving and popularizing them in programming

What We Care For!