MBIZ Development Foundation (MDF) is a development organization incorporated by Uganda Registration Services Bureau with limited liability (limited by guarantee) with registration no. 80020001396116 under civil society organization framework.

The organization is also registered with Kisoro District Local Government mandated to serve under coordination by District Community Development Office (DCDO)

The organization aims at conservation promotion, human rights preservation and development research collaborations.

Expected outcomes include community initiated solutions and technologies moderated by MDF.  We envisage improved sustainable use of natural resources to improve incomes and mitigate effects of climate change.  We are comforted by community stability where human rights are upheld and promoted.

Our Approach

Our Mission

Contribute to safe and dignified settings of human activities and interactions through conservation, human rights promotion and evidence-based policy, planning and programming in public and private sectors. This will be achieved through collaborative ventures, advocacy and social mobilization. We set out to put communities at heart of all undertakings, focus in human agency capacity building, sustainable use of natural resources and human rights.

Our Vision

MBIZ Development Foundation becoming a regional champion of holistic development in families, communities and institutions for dignified humanity and meaningful human development in secure and sustainable environment.

Priority target

Women, girls and other vulnerable groups of society especially those that can improve when human rights are upheld and promoted.